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  • 13823181000
  • 0755 2849 3051 / 2849 3057 / 2805 4299 / 2805 4399
  • 0755-2849 3063
  • [email protected]
  • B Building Xunli Logistic Park, Fuqian Road 257, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Main business:

Precision die-cutting processing products: all kinds of imported soft plastic back 3M plastic products, anti-static foam, protective film, anti-static finger sets, clean cloth, non-woven bags and other products and anti-

Plastic environmental protection packaging products: import EPE, EPP, Zhenzhu Mian, bubble bags, PE / PO plastic bags, shielding bags, mesh bags, plastic, hollow boxes, EVA, sponge, foam, nameplate and other products and anti- Series of products;

Paper environmental protection packaging products:Special cardboard boxes, heavy cartons, cartons, cartons, paper honeycomb, paper pallets, paper cards, beer boxes, box, boutique boxes, tag, brochures, labels and other products and anti-

Wood products environmental packaging products: wooden boxes, wooden pallets, wooden side, Muhe, and other products and disinfection of environmental protection products;

High-tech projects: focus on independent invention, innovation and development, design and manufacture of fully automated machinery and equipment, precision CNC machining, precision metal, mold, folder with a product, 3D printing equipment and technology, robot sales, agents and technology.

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