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▶  June 1, 2004

The company was established, registered as the name of Longgang District, Shenzhen Pinghu Yong Yi plastic products factory, is a small taxpayer company, the number of employees 5 people, the factory area of 500 square meters, the company started the stage is a pure hand workshop processing, operating mode, complete customer orders The


▶  August 2005

The company has expanded its production and expansion of the factory, the number of workers increased to 30, the factory area increased to 1500 square meters, the company began to enter the workshop + semi-automatic equipment processing, operation phase, Complete customer order.


▶  June 2008

The company changed its name to Shenzhen FDK Technology Co., Ltd., The company passed the quality and environmental management system certification, and officially won the ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 system certificate, and all products have been certified, and the company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 system certificate, and all products have been Through REACH and ROHS environmental certification, the company imported a number of well-known strength of customers and listed companies. The company fully uses semi-automatic equipment production and processing operations, greatly reducing the labor and improve the production efficiency, complete customer orders.


▶  March 2012

The company changed its name to Shenzhen FDK Technology Co., Ltd., and expanded to Shenzhen Guanlan, the number of workers further increased to 285 people, including five master's degree in postgraduate education, undergraduate education Talent 25 people, college education talent 28 people, the factory area of 12,500 square meters, in the sound and improve the system at the same time, the introduction of the world's top 500 customers and well-known listed companies, began to invent, research and innovation, precision design of a new generation of automated processing machines Equipment, further reduce labor and improve production efficiency to complete customer orders. At the same time, the company began to build and train the team, establish and improve the management mechanism, build management team. In the same year, the company successfully registered the "fast" 45 categories of trademarks, and access to several patents for inventions.


▶  year 2013

In response to the call of the new national policy and the high evalsuation and recognition of all employees and customers, the company has successfully established strategic cooperative partnership with many of the world's top 500 customers and well-known listed companies. The company further the introduction of innovative technology, advancing with the times, opened the field-driven industries, such as 3D printing technology projects, precision metal, mold, fixture with the production and processing, and automation equipment design, development, manufacturing and application Fast companies have entered a period of rapid development. The company focused on strengthening the team building, enhance management capacity, to absorb a lot of professionals and the elite to join the fast company, together to create "FDK" well-known brands!


▶  year 2014

The company developed a five-year strategic planning, launched a comprehensive team building, increase the team to build efforts to further establish a training system to create efficient implementation of the team to enhance the efficiency of the establishment of a reasonable pay performance system and reward and punishment mechanism to attract suitable The company's professional design talent and management personnel, the company gradually realize product transformation, innovation and high-end high-value new products put into production, focus on R & D design automation equipment into their own production and sales, focus on R & D design packaging new products, strengthen the deep process management The


▶  year 2015

The company to carry out research and development and technological achievements into the core of independent intellectual property rights, apply for "national high-tech enterprises," the title, and further improve the company's management system (pay performance and rewards and punishments, human resources), continue to attract talent, training and training team , To build a good team, the company focused on and into the robot research and development, design and sales.


▶  year 2015 Since

The company integrated management, reform, for the company have the desire, willing and hard work, identify the company, choose to work with the company through thick and thin, the same boat development cooperation and growth in the high-level management and operation, excellent staff to provide better development platform and opportunities, and presented the company shares , Profit and dividends and other benefits, advancing with the times!

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