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China's food packaging production industry still need to improve supervision

copyfrom:SHENZHEN FDK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.release time:2017-08-12

As a "close clothing" of food, packaging is an indispensable part of food safety. With the "food packaging is equivalent to food" concept enjoys popular support for food packaging safety thinking and discussion is also gradually deepening. In order to ensure food safety, inspection and quarantine departments from all aspects of the review, including quality standards, production processes, migration experiments.

Food packaging production enterprises: import and export threshold is not discounted strict protection of food safety

Qingdao continuous detection of substandard food packaging

Recently, the Qingdao Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the two batches of exports of paper food packaging failed, the number of pieces of more than 20 million pieces. After testing, the batch of carton contact with the food surface of the fluorescent material seriously exceeded, far beyond the national standard requirements of not more than 5cm2 / 100cm2 requirements. Qingdao Bureau banned the goods for food packaging according to law.

After investigation, the shipment of fluorescent substances exceeded the reason is that enterprises purchased the unqualified base paper. As the price of wood pulp in more than 10,000 yuan per ton, and recycled pulp is generally about 5,000 yuan per ton, so some illegal manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of recycled pulp and artificial whitening method to achieve the same effect with the original pulp pulp. In this case, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the production enterprises, one must strengthen the management of raw material suppliers, improve the supplier evalsuation and elimination mechanism to eliminate the use of low-quality low-cost raw materials for food contact in the packaging; two to constantly improve the raw materials Self-control, in addition to requiring suppliers to provide self-test report, but also normalized commissioned by a qualified third-party laboratories for safety and health project testing to ensure product quality and safety control from the source.

Lack of necessary training

From the communication with the business that the existence of the above problems are generally: First, the enterprise has been built for 10 years of old enterprises, production equipment, obsolete facilities, not updated for many years, making the production workshop, warehouse health The environment is worrying;

Second, enterprises for the production of plastic film bags processing and production workshop entry threshold is low, basically similar to the family workshop-style production and processing plants, the number of workers is small, the quality is not high, poor production environment, poor conditions, low quality management;

Third, directly under the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau due to staff constraints, will expire the replacement of food packaging production enterprises to review the authority assigned to the grassroots inspection and quarantine branch, leading to reduce the degree of emphasis on enterprises to enable enterprises to meet the export of food packaging production The pressure and power of the enterprise must be paid for the requirements of the record review;

Fourth, small business scale, the main person in charge of the quality and safety awareness is not high, so that the production of products lack of standardized quality and safety management to ensure;

Fifth, the staff of the product safety and health standards are not familiar with the production process, the lack of proper health and safety measures, the lack of necessary training, management is not enough in place.

Management is not enough

Similar to this kind of food packaging enterprises more than one, not long ago, the author of another food packaging production enterprises in the ISO9001: 2008 standard quality management system audit, also found a similar problem, although the company with the help of consultants, The establishment of a documentary quality management system, but because of the management of the enterprise is relatively weak, the quality of personnel is not high, whether consultants or employees, even food packaging-related safety and health standards are not effectively identified, coupled with poor production facilities, Environmental health conditions are poor, product quality and safety risks can be imagined, compared with the previous business is exactly the same. To change this situation, to meet the requirements of the export food packaging business filing assessment, enterprises, whether in the hardware facilities or the quality of the software staff must make a considerable investment in order to meet the export packaging products production threshold requirements The

With the rapid economic development, people's demand for food is far more than just taste, nutrition on the pursuit of fashionable novel packaging design has become one of the important indicators of consumer food considerations. Food packaging is an important part of food production, food packaging is directly related to food safety issues, so the safety of food contact materials have been particularly important.

Related enterprises must establish the food and packaging products, the quality and safety awareness, through the continuous improvement of the existing problems, so that the production site facilities and safety and health conditions in line with the relevant requirements of food safety and production of related products for effective planning and recording To strengthen the training of key personnel, to accurately grasp the production process, quality and safety control requirements, to improve the quality of the production of raw materials, safety and health indicators of raw materials, Product standards and related laws and regulations, and continuously improve staff capacity and quality. And then to produce a safe, hygienic qualified products to lay a solid foundation.

Need to improve supervision

As the state of food packaging attention is getting higher and higher, the impact of packaging on food is also growing, inspection and quarantine authorities as a regulatory authorities from the provincial level to improve the new application of food packaging production enterprises threshold, unified province Within the arrangements for the assessment team members and responsible for the pre-trial staff to determine the criteria; followed by the province has all the record certificate of food packaging production enterprises to sort out, do not meet the conditions of the rectification of the rectification, the cancellation of the record for the record, so as to ensure that exports Quality and safety of food packaging.

In addition, the emerging markets for food contact materials, new regulations are constantly updated, but many aspects also need to be improved, Chinese enterprises in order to enter these markets need to pay special attention to three requirements: First, the export laws and regulations, There is no special attention on the market requirements, the third is the special requirements of buyers. Only in a timely manner to understand these regulatory requirements and changes, enterprise products to successfully enter the local market.

Food packaging safety concerns

Prior to the promulgation of the Food Safety Law of 2009, the community's attention to packaging materials was not very high. After the promulgation, the community, including the government, enterprises and consumers, paid a high attention to some of the requirements for food packaging. Material is directly related to the safety of food, related to the safety of life.

In order to ensure food safety, first of all from the various aspects of the review, including quality standards, production processes, migration experiments, China Food Machinery Equipment Network invited experts said, "Food Safety Law" after the promulgation of food safety to do some norms, Relevant ministries and commissions in addition to some management methods, but if the use of packaging materials are not inside the standard, then you need to be declared, approved before use, otherwise it is illegal.

In addition to the review, it is necessary to monitor all aspects of packaging materials. In the past, the focus of the monitoring work was on various pollutants. Now, it has strengthened the monitoring of the harmful substances that may be migrated to foodstuffs. On this basis, the relevant aspects have been evalsuated. Therefore, Improve the laws and regulations, corporate self-discipline and other aspects to strengthen and protect food safety.

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