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Global Packaging Industry Survey 2013

copyfrom:SHENZHEN FDK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.release time:2017-08-12

SmithersPira (SmithersPira) Market Research Institute recently surveyed, global packaging sales from 2010 to an annual growth of 670 billion US dollars, is expected to grow by 2016 will reach 820 billion US dollars. As a driving force for growth, on the one hand, developing countries and emerging industrial countries based on the increase in wealth and population, the demand for packaging also increased. On the other hand, the packaging sector of Western industrial countries is profitable from competition in variety diversification and point of sale.

The United States into the largest packaging market

According to the data provided by the Smithers Pila Market Research Institute in 2010, the US sold $ 137 billion in the world's largest packaging market. China followed by $ 80 billion. According to the Institute predicted that by 2017 China is likely to succeed the United States in the first place. China's printing and packaging industry, how the development of this year in May in Beijing held an unforgettable international printing exhibition is the most powerful witness.

While India is also developing rapidly. By 2017, India is likely to rise to the top 10 countries with the largest packaging, and its total demand for packaging will increase to $ 24 billion over the next five years.

Paper packaging needs the most

Paper and cardboard packaging to the global demand of $ 20 million constitute the largest part of the packaging industry. According to Smithers Pila Institute experts predict that by 2016 this part will grow to 250 billion US dollars.

Another survey by the institute shows that since 2005, global folding carton production has grown by 2.5 percent annually, growing to 43 million tonnes in 2010 and will continue to grow in the future. In the total amount of folding cartons, Asia accounted for 45%, the United States and Europe accounted for 55%. In Europe, Germany folding carton industry to produce a total of 86 million tons of the entire European market, 25%, ranking first. Italy and the United Kingdom to 14% after the ranking, France accounted for 12% of market share. German folding carton industry's important product categories are sweets, cooked vegetables, frozen food, tobacco, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Cosmetics, sweets, tobacco products and expensive high-end merchandise categories are increasingly demanding packaging with new creative designs to make products and merchandise differentiated by packaging at the point of sale.

Printed into packaging areas of concern

The packaging is also increasingly involved in other parts of the print. The design and production of prints are increasingly valuable, which has shown a clear trend in the printing and print buyers. Over the past few years, brand-name goods manufacturers, machine manufacturers, materials suppliers and market research institutes have developed a "innovative finishing ceremony."

Heidelberg is a manufacturer of printing systems that has been working on printed materials and related fields for research over the past few years. Heidelberg has demonstrated an imaginative application solution based on innovative printing methods at its R & D center. Heidelberg found that it was attractive to brand-name manufacturers, advertising agencies and print media companies in the post-press surface finishing and printed electronics issues and intended to engage with these target groups in order to expand the impression of traditional printing. There is no doubt that printing is promising, not only traditional printing, but also functional printing and decorative printing are so.

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