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What is the skill of selecting a tool for non-standard parts?

copyfrom:SHENZHEN FDK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.release time:2017-08-12

Non-standard parts processing When selecting a tool, make the size of the tool adapt to the surface size of the workpiece. In the production, the peripheral parts of the contours of the processing, often using end mills; milling plane, should be selected carbide cutter cutter; processing boss, groove, the election high-speed steel end mills; processing rough surface or rough Hole, you can choose to set the carbide cutter blade of the corn cutter; for some three-dimensional profile and variable bevel contour contours of the processing, often using ball cutter, ring cutter, tapered cutter and disc cutter.

In the free surface (mold) non-standard parts processing, the end of the ball tool cutting speed is zero, therefore, in order to ensure the processing accuracy, cutting line spacing generally use the top close, so the ball head is often used for surface finishing. The flat head tool in the surface processing quality and cutting efficiency are better than the ball knife, so, as long as the guarantee is not cut under the premise of both the rough surface processing or finishing, should give priority to the choice of flat knife. In addition, the durability and accuracy of the tool is extremely relevant to the tool price. It must be noted that, in most cases, the choice of good tool increases the tool cost, but the resulting improvement in processing quality and processing efficiency , You can make the whole processing costs greatly reduced.

In the non-standard parts processing center, a variety of tools were installed on the knife library, according to the provisions of the program at any time for the election knife and tool change. Therefore, the standard tool holder must be used so that the standard tools for drilling, boring, expanding and milling are quickly and accurately mounted on the machine tool spindle or magazine. The programmer should be aware of the structural dimensions of the tool holder used on the machine, the adjustment method, and the adjustment range to determine the radial and axial dimensions of the tool during programming. At present, China's processing center using TSG tool system, the handle has a straight handle (3 kinds of specifications) and taper shank (4 kinds of specifications) 2, including a total of 16 different purposes of the handle.

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