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Enterprise optimization and reorganization Packaging machinery to start again

copyfrom:SHENZHEN FDK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.release time:2017-08-12

With the development of the economy, the packaging industry has also undergone ever-changing changes. At present, China has become the world's second largest packaging power, but the small business structure is still the main features of China's packaging industry at this stage. To improve this situation, Many companies have begun to optimize the reorganization.

September 2010, by the European art packaging, high-tech color packaging, Huaguang packaging, HSBC packaging and other four upstream and downstream enterprises and a natural person through the reorganization of assets of China's new UNITA Packaging and Decoration Co., Ltd., has been concerned about the development Also quite fast. Reorganization of the enterprise, but also more and the strength of the strength of enterprises, last year's annual output value of 220 million yuan.

Chen Jinguo, chairman of China Xinxing Packaging & Decoration Co., Ltd., said: "Not afraid of no business, afraid of too late to produce." In the equipment update invested tens of millions of dollars, although the output value of enterprises increased by 10%, but busy orders still let enterprises Overwhelmed.

Today, despite the introduction of automatic high-speed seven-tier corrugated board production lines and more than one automatic printing press, but the order is too late to produce. In accordance with the original plan, the day before the order received, the next day can be shipped away, and now, the order has been too late to produce. These orders, not only from Wenzhou native, and the other side of the ocean sent.

According to Chen Jinguo said, due to plant restrictions, many new jobs are not dare to display, even scattered small orders have been canceled, but it is estimated that by the end of next year, Oujiangkou New Area in the area of 45,000 square meters after the completion of the plant, a lot of work Must be carried out, the output value of the increase will be great.

To improve the development of the packaging industry, to promote economic development, around the strengthening of the integration of enterprises to reorganize the early guidance, by the letter, tax, industry and commerce departments to set up a special work service group, the whole process of integration and reorganization of the implementation of relevant support policies. Enterprises should be bigger and stronger, take the road of joint, complementary advantages. This is a breakthrough and solve the printing business enterprises low, small, scattered situation capacity, bigger and stronger, in order to cause the attention of government departments in order to more effectively and more quickly solve the problem of capital and land.

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